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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Upgrading the Jeep Cherokee for Towing

Once the camper was ready to go I switched directions and turned my focus to my Jeep. The Jeep Cheerokee is a good all around utilitarian vehicle, but it is by no means an ideal choice for pulling a 4,000 pound camper full of motorcycles around the continent. There were a few pressing issues that … Continue reading »


Final Camping Trailer Preparations

My posts on that ADV thread below kind of died out. It turns out that moving into a camper and preparing to travel the world is a very time intensive endeavor. The time I had available to write about the launch was minimal. So here is the rundown . . . . The camper I … Continue reading »


I Started This Blog on ADVRider

Eight months ago I broke my silence on the ADVRider Forums about my preparations for a trip. Below is a copy/paste of some of my posts starting 1-18-2008. Here is a link to the thread. ———————- Moving Out and Onto the Road: From Boston to Everywhere I have spent way too much time reading this … Continue reading »