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Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Slice of Life in Bradford PA and the Surrounding Region

While at Majestic Trails I commuted to Bradford, PA each day to scavenge wifi. I tend to work very strange hours while on the road because I want to spend peak daylight hours adventuring. The nature of my job requires me to be accountable to the Internet for a tremendously draining amount of time. So … Continue reading »


Arriving at Majestic Trails in Rew, PA

The plan for my second stop was planned a long time ago. I wanted to stop at Majestic Trails in Rew, PA. I wanted to get into the dirt and do some riding as soon as possible. In the North Eastern United States finding public legal off-road riding is quite a challenge. Much of the … Continue reading »


Leg 1: Get out of NH

It was finally time to go. Awesome. I scrambled around the last couple days packing things up and cramming everything into the camper. I still had the water system issues to address, but I’d deal with that along the way. As you can imagine things got pretty tight pretty quick. I was able to stuff … Continue reading »

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