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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Returning to Baja on my Sailboat!

I’ll be back in Baja in 3 days – this time by sea. . . . .

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I Survived the Baja! Barely

In the morning I was painfully sore all over. My joints were stiff and bloody. In the mirror I was like a leopard, with black and blue spots covering my body from head to toe. My knee was huge. I only got 3 hours of sleep, but had to get to work. I worked a … Continue reading »

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In route to Salvation – aka Civilization

I psyched myself up – Gave my face a series of slaps, ripped off my shirt in a very animalistic fashion, and let out a giant bellow. At this moment there was no pain, no thirst, no desert – just me, the bike, and the hill. I screamed manically as I put one hand on … Continue reading »

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…. The sun had now set and it was nearly dark. My body wanted nothing more than to pull out the sleeping bag and fall asleep. I had lost my sleeping pad off the back of the bike at some point in the river beds, and it was gone for good. If I know anything … Continue reading »

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Pushing Myself a Bit Too Far

My mouth was so dry it felt crunchy. My throat was dry. My stomach was dry. I knew I was quickly approaching a dangerous level of dehydration. I dropped the bike and climbed up the hill on all fours to where I left my saddlebags. I fished out my empty water bottle. Down the hill … Continue reading »

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