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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today I had to do some work online in the morning then slab it home to be back in time for a meeting. Definitely the least interesting day of the trip – all part of the wind down I suppose. I covered about 1650 miles, most of which were in the dirt. A dirty bike … Continue reading »

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Home Stretch! Desert Blasting!

I had to take some pavement today to make up a few miles. I have a meeting in LA tomorrow and have to be back in time. Still managed to find some fun dirt riding though.

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Saved by Some Good ol’ Boys

My eyes opened when I heard the rumble of an engine. I jumped up and looked out the window. Coming down from the hill in the east.. . . salvation? I threw everything in my bag so if it was a truck willing to help the driver wouldn’t have to wait for me to pack. … Continue reading »

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Getting Intimate with Mt. Trumball

What was odd was that the checkpoint was at a fork in the road. The map in the checkpoint didn’t show any sort of fork. I realized I had gone way too far south. I also realized I didn’t have enough fuel to get to any gas station, so my objective became to get somewhere … Continue reading »

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Valleys, Canyons, and Other Amazing Scenery

Yesterday I rode 14 hours and covered 65 miles as the crow flies. I packed up early and headed out. I found some dirt right away and headed west.

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