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New Bike – And Another Cross Country Adventure!

Posted by on October 22, 2009

I flew out to Denver last weekend and picked up an XR650R to try and squeeze in some late season riding in the rockies. Then 1500 miles offroad back to Los Angeles.

Took it out for a 100 mile shakedown immediately. Had some minor jetting issues and needs a little grease here and there, but a very solid bike. The previous owner let me keep the license plate so I don’t look too suspicious.

A day later I headed out on a 300 mile dirt route to Alamosa.

1 mile in, at 6am – flat tire.

New tube fitted and ready to rippppppppp!

The forest south west of Rampart all burned recently.

The riding is fast and scenic.

I was surprised to find Cripple Creek filled with casinos. Nice little downtown.

The Shelf road to Canon City is a fantastic ride. Very fast, but a little pucker if you come up on the corners too quickly – the road is sheer cliff on the east side.

Coming up on the range I was bummed to see snow. The locals told me Medano Pass to the Dunes was snowed in. Major disappointment. I had to go around.

As the sun went down, the temperatures dropped. The whole day was a bit chilly, but I was freezing making the last 80 miles to Alamosa in the dark. The rain didn’t help either. I tailgated an 18 wheeler to buffer the wind and rain as much as possible. It was absolutely miserable for a couple hours.

After 14 hours on the road….

Overnight snow rolled in…. and persisted….

I had to re-route my dirt tracks to mostly pavement.

Weather was low 40’s and I was shivering all day. I didn’t plan on it being so cold and I didn’t have my warmer gear with me.

The snow made for some wonderful photo-ops.

I was flagged down by a man in a truck while riding through these passes. When I pulled over he said – “I just had to get a photo of the crazy son-of-a-bitch out here on a motorcycle.” I obliged.

I was dying for some soup to warm up, but I had to settle for a sandwich and tea. Slim pickin’s in Charma.

Thankfully New Mexico is a few degrees warmer. Still chilly though.

Weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow. Time to get a hotel and a hot shower.

More to come . . . . . .

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