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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Across Central Mexico

I said goodbye to Mazatlan.

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Down to Mazatlan, Finally!

I knew I’d love Mazatlan, and finally it was the next stop. I still needed to rest and recover a bit, and would rather do it in Mazatlan than up where I was. The few hundred miles to get there was difficult with only a couple fingers to work with.

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Damage Assessment

The hospital stuff isn’t much of a story. The ambulance dropped me at a small hospital in town where where I got some x-rays and was attended to by a couple doctors who didn’t seem to have much experience or training. I left with a cast on my left hand and a splint on my … Continue reading »

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La Vaca

I was more or less tracing the main road and hopped off sporadically when I spotted a fun dirt road. I didn’t have a map which was somewhat of an issue, but my limited fuel range was more of a concern than proper directions. I had planned on heading into Creel but the nighttime temperatures … Continue reading »


Northern Mexico – Putting

I had an oversize Clarke gas tank overnighted to meet me at the border so I’d have more than a 90 mile range. I was thrilled when it arrived, but wasn’t sure how I was going to take it anywhere. So I promptly got to installing it on the road outside the UPS station. Wouldn’t … Continue reading »

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