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Relaxing in the Yucatan

Posted by on February 15, 2011

Ten of my college friends were in town for the week. It was a great time, as it always is. Typical vacation resort type place.

We explored a bit and checked out some cenotes (underwater caves), did some cliff jumping, and toured some of the Mayan ruins.

Giant iguanas are everywhere down here. They’re very chill and just hang around.

Then they left and I was back to my own devices.

I stayed in Playa a while longer, and am still there in fact. I bounced around a bit between a couple hotels, and some hostels, but I spent most of the time camping.

I spent 3 full weeks camping on the beach around town and working during the days.

Some nights got real windy. And even with the rain fly, sand was problematic.

It’s not so bad though….

Also spent a lot of time going out until sunrise. This is a party town after all.

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