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A Quick Run to Merida

Posted by on December 1, 2011

South out of Progresso I went to find some lunch in Merida. The traffic in the city is quite intense, and the roads are difficult to navigate. I rode through the city square mid day and hardly moved anywhere for 45 minutes. I didn’t take many photos because I was far too busy trying to orientate myself.

It is however a great city with an interesting history. There is a lot of colonial influence everywhere you look.


And they have a massive cemetery on the east side of town.


I walked around the streets a while, explored the side roads on my bike, and got some grilled chicken at one of the 10,000 places serving it street side. It was a little too hectic to hang out though, so I headed a little further south to quieter scenery.

Setting up camp in the sticks, typical:



The only thing I had really wanted to see was the northern coast, and since I had done that, I meandered back across the Yucatan towards Chichen Itza. I had passed close by previously, but didn’t stop in. Time to check it out.






Ok, now what. Get some water and check the maps.


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  1. nellie

    Merida holds some of my favorite memories!

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