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Author Archives: Evan Fell

About Evan Fell

Hey, I'm Evan. This is my travel log. You can find me all over the web. My homepage is, or you can see my G+ profile at +Evan Fell.

More Motor Stuff

I managed to collect all the parts I needed for the motor, then got to work.

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Still Hanging Around

Greetings from southern Mexico! I’ve been down here a while now and couldn’t be having a better time. I have no specific timeline for getting to Ushuia, I am in route and just enjoying life as it comes. I’ve been on the road since September and have nothing but time.

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Typical Dinners

Last night I was sitting at a little restaurant having some tacos. A cute mexican girl sat at the table across from me and ordered food. We catch each others eyes. I say hello, she asks if I’m here with a friend. I say no. She motions that she might join me. I invite her … Continue reading »

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Opening up the Motor

As I mentioned the XR isn’t so healthy. Aside from it’s bent axle, oil lines, and the dozen other worn out and broken parts, the motor is also toast. There’s no compression, so I got to tearing it down in a makeshift outdoor garage.

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Relaxing in the Yucatan

Ten of my college friends were in town for the week. It was a great time, as it always is. Typical vacation resort type place. We explored a bit and checked out some cenotes (underwater caves), did some cliff jumping, and toured some of the Mayan ruins.

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